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The REAL “real” America … and Obama drinks water contaminated with lead!

I just made you all this little slide show from screen shots of Michael Moore’s creative, mind-blowing, highly entertaining (but scary) documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9. If you haven’t seen this movie, you are in for a huge surprise. It’s streaming for free on Amazon Prime. The first 10 minutes of Fahrenheit 11/9 alone are amazing, and it will astound you throughout.


Americans stand for:


Interesting, though, that only 8 state legislatures were under Democratic control prior to the 2018 midterm elections.america_is_leftist_michael_moore_16

Now it’s a bit better …america_is_leftist_michael_moore_17

Bush2 is the only Republican who has won both the popular vote AND the presidency since Bill Clinton.america_is_leftist_michael_moore_18

Bernie won EVERY county in West Virginia . . . america_is_leftist_michael_moore_19america_is_leftist_michael_moore_20america_is_leftist_michael_moore_21

And yet when the West Virginia’s winner was announced at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary was named as the state’s candidate! One little sign somebody held up for this picture proclaims the truth!america_is_leftist_michael_moore_22

You won’t find the following picture anywhere. After seeing Fahrenheit 11/9 a few months ago, I spent hours on line looking for a picture of this gigantic and heinous crime in progress. This is an example of what a great filmmaker Michael Moore is. This man is pushing a button that INSTANTLY changed the water supply from clean Lake Huron to filthy, poisonous Flint River. You are WATCHING the MOMENT a man poisons almost 15,000 children, almost all of them African American, with lead, which will affect them in horrible ways for the rest of their lives! america_is_leftist_michael_moore_23

Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder wanted to build a new water system to enrich his cronies, so he changed the source of Flint’s water supply during construction of the new water system. Despite poisoning thousands of children, Snyder is still governor of Michigan. Instead of fixing the problem, he hired a PR firm to tell the people the water was safe again, while testing agencies gave fake test results to the parents of poisoned children.america_is_leftist_michael_moore_24

It was a huge deal when Obama came to Flint, supposedly to stand up for the people, who were still getting poisonous water from their taps. Instead, he supported Rick Snyder and even pulled off this stunt on stage in front of hundreds of Flint townspeople to show them how safe the water was. Obama barely got his lips wet! The people in the audience were appalled. In Fahrenheit 11/9 you will see another amazing thing Obama did in Flint. Please get back to me with your thoughts on this movie!america_is_leftist_michael_moore_26

Here’s a video clip I captured and saved for you, less than 2 minutes long, showing the scene where the button is pushed and briefly explaining in very powerful and clear language the reality of the Flint water situation, including the effect the lead will have on the children. Rick Snyder should get the death penalty for what he did to those 15,000 children.
Thanks for reading and watching! Feel free to share my slide show with any conservative “friends” you might have who would try to tell you about the “real America”!