Are Trump supporters brainwashed? Were they brainwashed before Trump was even discussing a real run? If they are brainwashed, who or what is most responsible?

The following is one of my many answers to Quora questions. This one didn’t get many views (327 since I posed it December 2018). My most popular post got 18,000 views in just a couple of days; I think it was more about being, temporarily, on the good side of Quora’s algorithms than about the quality of my writing! I’m reposting my answer to the anonymous Quora question I’m using here as the title of this blog post because I like this post a lot, even if my “fans” on Quora didn’t appreciate it much, and because I want to save it and have it handy to share. Thanks for checking it out!


Trump supporters are absolutely brainwashed. Trump is so profoundly and blatantly unfit for office that only someone brainwashed could be blind to his flaws, especially when support for Trump is literally harmful to their very own lives and futures (unless they’re billionaires living in gated communities with high-tech air and water filters and plenty of armed guards). For example, the frightening UN climate report released in October, the work of 92 scientists who consulted 6,000 studies, and now the 1,600-page federal climate report compiled by 13 federal agencies and 300 leading scientists, tell us that our President saying “I don’t believe it” puts him at odds with reality.

As both of these major reports make very clear, due to the catastrophic effects of climate change our world will become almost apocalyptic for billions of people by 2035 unless all the major nations in the world assume a warlike footing toward radically reducing carbon emissions. This news is terrifying to people who still have their wits about them. My children will be 36 and 42 in 2035! They are afraid to have children of their own!

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords will likely be seen by historians in the near future as a heinous crime against humanity. Most Europeans whose lives were ruined or ended by Hitler’s aggression had no choice regarding their fate, but in the case of Trump, his supporters are willfully bringing ruin upon themselves (and unfortunately, upon the people who are not brainwashed as well).

Or consider Trump’s policy of literally torturing children at our border with Mexico, failing to even fingerprint hundreds of them before separating them from their parents, and neglecting to enter them into their parents’ data on ICE computers. When confronted with the horror of this policy, Trump supporters trumpet information from Fox News and Breitbart (actual propaganda organs), stating that “Obama did it too”, which fits perfectly with their lifelong brainwashing despite being untrue*.

I pity children whose brains (electro-biocomputers) are infected with the equivalent of these two incredibly dangerous computer viruses: fundamentalist religion and blind patriotism. Both of these “viruses” damage brain functionality for life, hence brainwashed people voted in an organized block to install an actual TV clown, a man almost completely ignorant of history and science, a habitual liar, an insanely narcissistic despot, as our President. They are allowing an imbecile to juggle nuclear weapons over the heads of their own children (and every child on Earth!). If that doesn’t spell brainwashed, I don’t know what does.

* “Obama did the same thing” is untrue in terms of separating thousands of children from asylum seeking parents all at once and warehousing them in numbers over 2,000. Sometimes under Obama, children were separated from parents who were actual criminals. The scale of the separations under Obama vs Trump makes this argument like apples vs oranges. But brainwashed people completely ignore details and complexity when it gets in the way of their programming. That’s what brainwashed means. I’m old enough to remember “Kill a Commie for Christ!” and now I’m hearing the idiotic chant of “Build That Wall!”

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